Bad Hair Day


Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

17 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

    1. Thanks Sue! I am not an egret connoisseur, but this little fellow was easy to pick out all day long. I like to think his name is Dudley.


        1. Okay Eliza, did you just know that already, or did you look it up? I have been using but many times I have led myself astray trying to answer extremely complex questions such as “is the bill longer than the head, or shorter than the head?”. I can see from your Cornell Lab website that our Dudley is clearly a snowy egret. I guess snowy comes from the attire, not the abode. Thanks for that link!


    1. Thank you Gunta. Even the seagulls are fun to watch. The photographer in me took leave of her senses when a huge brown seagull clamped down on the feathers of another seagull. The poor fellow flapped and struggled and could not fly away until his kin let go. I was so astonished I forgot to put the camera to work. Shoot!


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