Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens.


20 thoughts on “Indoor/Outdoor

    1. Yes, this Apollo sculpture is by Paul Manship — the same artist who did the giant gilded Art Deco figure of Prometheus at Rockefeller Center in NYC.
      Yes, you should have been there with us! It was a fantastic day for the Huntington — mid-80’s. I think our rainy season is winding down. I read that the desert super bloom is just a week or two away. Gonna try to catch it.


        1. Hoping it won’t be too too hot. Already in the mid-80s this whole week. The newspaper says that winds & caterpillars are a’ coming. I think we have to get out there in the next few days. Spoke to my sister who lives here in CA in a desert-ish area, and she says the poppies are already starting out there.
          Perhaps you’ll be able to join us for next year’s bloom. ❤


    1. Thank you Otto. The juxtaposition of Apollo & the bee was entirely subconscious. The two just seemed to make a good match. Thank you for noticing & commenting upon it.

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      1. I bet it is! I wanted to go to Descanso Gardens in La Canada this past Sunday, but in seeing the online ticket sales were already sold out, I changed my mind. How have the crowds been, or have you gone on weekdays?


  1. I went yesterday, and the parking lot was full-ish but the gallery wasn’t crowded at all. But then, I went directly to the American art wing, and there’s often fewer people there than other places at the Huntington.
    I nearly always go on weekdays just because I want to avoid crowds.


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