San Francisco Surprise

On my recent visit to San Francisco I took a wrong turn and found myself at Twin Peaks, where I took this photo. I lived several years in SF, but had never seen this particular view while there. As extraordinary as this sight is, I saw something more exceptional. I was parked at a red light. A tiny elderly woman, bent nearly in half, entered the crosswalk from my left, on the opposite side of the street.  A tall young man in shorts and a tank top entered the crosswalk in front of me, from my right. He abruptly crossed the intersection to the opposite crosswalk, and offered his hand to the old woman. She took his hand without raising her head. They walked hand in hand to the corner.


7 thoughts on “San Francisco Surprise

    1. The old woman & the young man was the sight that made my trip (and there were many nice sights to be sure) and it made my month!
      It always seems to get hotter than heck when we head out for a trip. Landed first at my nephew’s home on the central Coast — giant oaks, great large hills, and vineyards. Bliss. But it was quite hot that far inland. San Francisco was the most perfect of temps.

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  1. Spent the early 70s in that magical city. I’m pleased to know that the spirit to help our fellow humans hasn’t died. Come to think of it, back in that era the political situation was pretty similar and so was the love we gave each other. Somehow we survived.

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    1. If I recall correctly you were in Potrero, is that right?
      Yes human kindness in action is what we all need to see. San Francisco has great heart. I once saw some “ruffian” looking young men in Italy give up their bench on the metro to a handicapped man. And at a butcher/deli in southern France a clearly homeless man stood in line with us to have a fresh sandwich made. He was clearly a regular. No charge for him. Humans can be so kind, and that’s what makes being here worthwhile.


      1. I lived in so many parts of the city, even Berkeley for a short while -though the commute across the bridge killed that. Even back then it was hard to find a place you could live in. My last year in the City (1974) I think I moved at least 6 times trying to find something affordable (that included Bezerkly). Eventually I arranged a transfer to the foothills of the Sierras. Best move I ever made!

        I grew up back East and it was a pleasant shock to encounter folks who were friendly. Going back East to visit family was such a shock. I’d get weird looks for smiling at folks. After my last visit in 2009 I swore I’d never cross the Mississippi again… might even narrow that down to never crossing the Rockies.

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