WPC: On the Way

DSC_1532_edited-1This week’s photo challenge  asks for “a photo not of your destination, but of an interesting thing along the way”. This photo was taken in mid-February of this year. My partner and I were headed home on the freeway, after another day’s fruitless search for a new house to live in. One of the “must haves” for our new neighborhood: a place with less traffic!

31 thoughts on “WPC: On the Way

    1. Our new place is 33 miles / 40 minutes east of Pasadena, and yes it has much less traffic. People are positively civilized here! Who knew? I like it here.


    1. When traffic gets THAT bad, the only sane response is to acknowledge that resistance is futile, and then tune into classical music. The other choice is mayhem.

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  1. With nothing else to do while stuck, I have taken a few traffic photos also.
    Very frustrating going nowhere for hours, especially when this happens every day.
    The traffic around the northern VA and Washington DC area is harsh.
    Would like to live in a place where I could easily get from point A to point B!!

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    1. This photo was taken when returning from a house-hunting trip. Lucky for me, I found a house in a much less congested part of Southern California. I’m much less cranky these days.


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