Weekly Photo Challenge: Room


The essence of “my room” is the vibration of the space we inhabit.

This is a room in the Nasrid Palace in The Alhambra fortress in Granada, Spain. The goal of my Spain vacation was to see Moorish architecture — like this room in this palace. I admire the way this architectural style brings the outside into the space, and includes an interior garden. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is the inspiration for other exaltations in art, like this music.

“In this week’s photo challenge, share your take on the idea of room — it could be an actual room in your house, a favorite gallery in your local museum, a cubicle at work. You could also take this challenge in a more abstract direction, and show us where you feel like you have room — or lack it.”

See other great rooms here.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

  1. thanks for the like of my ‘room’ but look at yours!! I love all the variations on a theme; I learn something from every single one of them. Thanks so much for the visit. I am loving your photos….gorgeous, every one of them.


    1. I’m crazy for my cats. You’re crazy for your cats. A room with a cat is a happy place! And yes, I’ve been scrolling through all the room WPC challenges — it shows how we all are so different, but we all can respond to all that’s different.


  2. This is very nice. Love the capture of the light coming through the window. Thanks for the visit and the like of my “Room” presentation.


    1. Thank you RCC. As different as my room is from your room, they have something in common — they invite the viewer to be in the space and yet be aware of the world outside.


    1. Whoa, Rommel, you make me blush! Or should I say you make the subject blush! Yes indeed, the Alhambra is all ooohs and aaahs.


    1. I could have spent hours studying all the details in just this one room; and there were many more in the palace just as awesome. All the tiles are fabulous, and the intricate arabesque work is all repeated plaster molds.


    1. Yes, I normally think of a room being made intimate and personal by the choice of furniture & wall art. But here I feel intimacy is achieved by the pattern of light and the pattern upon the walls.


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