WPC: Anticipation – Monday December 19

dsc_5709This coming Monday the 19th of December is the day when the next President of the United States will actually be elected. Our constitution provides that we the people only choose a college of electors, and those electors decide who our next president will be. I pray (and I truly mean that I do and will pray) that they listen to the people, and to their own wisdom, and will vote for someone other than Mr Trump.

See other (hopefully more fun) photos of anticipation here.

9 thoughts on “WPC: Anticipation – Monday December 19

  1. I’m with you. I don’t care how we stop him, just that we do. If they have any insight, sense of right and wrong they will not elect him. If they do…we need to do everything we can to them them out forever and end the EC for once and for all.

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    1. The EC is an archaic injustice, and yet it’s the only hope we have at this point. Ironic. If they fail to put the country before their party, then they will have at least performed the only service they can, which is to end the EC.


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