Park Place

West of my home is more traffic, east of my home is less traffic.

20170118_125423xI’ve been exploring the east in hopes of new discoveries. Last week was a good week for adventuring out.

20170118_132738xDiscovered a park set in the midst of a huge orange grove. On my next visit I’ll bring my dogs.


6 thoughts on “Park Place

  1. Great find. There are still orange groves there, great to see! It kills me to see the fruit rotting on the ground, but that is the abundance of a grove (same here with apples). When they bloom, it must smell divine!
    I like seeing the snow capped peak in the first photo. I hear you’ve had a fair amount of precipitation!

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    1. When our oranges blossom next year, that’s the time we need to head out to smell this bliss! Yes, there were lots & lots of oranges on the ground. We even saw some orange peelings – clearly scofflaws who stole oranges right off the trees & ate the evidence.
      We’ve had so much precipitation here (already double what we had last January) that Mt Baldy is absolutely white, and visible from quite far off. That’s the kind of precipitation I remember when I was in high school, with white capped mountains surrounding LA.


        1. Funny you should say that, because I have so many that I’ve wanted to post, but I think “well that’s just a cliché. Thanks, I’ll post more, since we have so much snow these days!

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    1. Thanks so much Otto. The force of habit tended to draw me west, where I lived for so many years. So now it is delightful to discover and explore this space I find myself in. This area is more like the southern California of the early 1900’s, when it was mostly open scrub oak and canyons and sycamore trees, and cactus in the open dry spaces. And of course vast groves of oranges and grapefruit and lemon and avocado. We enjoy so much variety here.

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