WPC: Silence

This week’s photo challenge asks: “What does silence look like? Show us your take in a photograph.” I do hope that those of you who haven’t had the privilege of visiting a desert can sense the silence. Like other deserts I’ve visited (and lived in), Joshua Tree National Park is quite still. No leaves to rustle in what little breeze there may be. No planes, trains, cars. No bird noises. Just stillness. The Joshua Trees above welcome you to their quiet land.

12 thoughts on “WPC: Silence

    1. Thank you Gunta. The desert is the only place I can think of that’s silent. I guess snowfall is silent, but then I haven’t ever photographed it!


  1. Beautiful scenery – I can feel the stillness.
    Although I live in a rural area, it is far from silent, there is always human noise except in those occasional moments (mostly in the wee hours). I dream of being in a silent place in nature where no human noise intrudes.

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    1. I can imagine the silence of those ancient desert monasteries, like those in the middle east and Egypt. I guess silence is the aural equivalent of complete darkness. You probably get a lot of very dark nights where you live? We don’t ever get that around home, and I find it rather scary.


      1. We still have a fair amount of light pollution from nearby cities, although when it is not humid, we can see a lot of stars. Nothing like that new dark sky park they designated recently. They say the amount of stars you see there is astounding, it would probably be akin to a religious experience for me!
        I had a friend who grew up in Hong Kong who couldn’t sleep here because it was too dark and quiet, oh dear! And she wouldn’t go outside at night either. I tried to tell her she was safer here than in a city full of humans, but to no avail. šŸ˜‰

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        1. I worked with a woman from Hong Kong. She said that when she arrived here in Los Angeles, it frightened her that there were SO FEW people!

          When we were touring that cave out in eastern California a while back, one of the guests was wearing a T-shirt from Flagstaff, Arizona, and the shirt was about Flagstaff being a dark sky town. Check out this link!


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