Snopes is a website which separates internet wheat from internet chaff:

Claim: Official Department of Interior Twitter accounts were temporarily deactivated after the National Park Service account was used to retweet negative information about the incoming Trump administration.

God bless our federal employees and their new Twitter accounts!

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9 thoughts on “Twit

    1. Great clip Eliza! It’s so true! I love how resistance is oozing out everywhere and with the same energy we saw in the Women’s March. Which only makes the Death Star commander say and do more stupid things.

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    1. Here’s what I don’t get… Why does Bernie say Dems should work with Trump? To me it’s like collaborating with a fascist. In fact, it is collaborating with a fascist. I can’t believe my new senator (Kamala Harris whom I voted for) voted to confirm mad dog General Mattis and Nikki Haley. As far as I’m concerned that’s grounds for immediate recall.

      On a brighter note, I am so gratified that people are resisting & resisting & resisting. If only our politicians would grow a pair of ovaries.

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      1. I don’t get why Dems don’t seem to have a spine. I really don’t. Then again I do know that nothing is going to stop the likes of Trump without some mass resistance. Things could easily get really ugly.

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        1. I’ve long believed that our 2-party system is a 2-sides-of-the-same-coin system. Domestic policy is all that seems to differentiate the R’s from the D’s. That’s their get-out-the-vote trick. Why do both parties keep starting & fighting the wars? Why can neither party find a way to ban fossil fuels? Why does the military budget get protected by both parties? On and on.
          What really burns my toast is when these politicians peak out of the windows of their ivory towers, see the people resisting, and then run to the front of the parade and claim that they started the parade. They’re all disgusting.

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