Garden Spot

(5 photos) Weather on the last Sunday in January favored a visit to nearby Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

dsc_2812The garden is devoted to research and education in California native plants.

dsc_2803The cactus seem to be celebrating the rains of the past weeks and the sparkling sun of this Sunday.

dsc_2834On my previous visit I saw workmen installing a giant boulder. I thought it a curious choice. But that boulder was drilled in some hidden manner and then fitted somewhere with a water feed. I enjoyed the burbling music while the bees enjoyed the water in the rock.

I’m not yet ready for spring, but then no one asked my opinion.


27 thoughts on “Garden Spot

    1. Thanks Mic! Glad you like #1 – I was walking out and the light was hitting this cactus just exactly right. For myself, I like #3 the best. Although it’s another cactus, to me it kind of looks like one of those close ups of viruses.

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            1. Exactly. I’m reminded of my photography class where our assignments would be some one specific task. In this case, BW with careful consideration of ranges of tone & whites & blacks. I really just need to go out for hours with just that in mind. No dogs!!!!

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    1. We didn’t get any wind (well, not much wind) in our immediate vicinity, although there were gale warnings. I’m enjoying the rain respite myself, but still looking forward to more rain & mountain snow before the long dry summer.

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      1. The roof of my little mobile home leaked and that’s the only reason I was cussing the rain… not the light rain, just that awful bout of storms we had. I managed to get a tarp up there, and then the wind had it whopping over my head like crazy! I’ve had the roofer out twice.. time to find a new one!

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        1. until you find that new roofer, here’s an idea…
          Our house before this one was a hot little sweatbox — no insulation in the back of the house. I read about a product someone used to seal their roof as well as insulate it. We had a leak in the back as well as needing to reduce the heat. The product is a white rubber coating that’s painted right on top of the roof. Not only did it reduce the temp by about 15 degrees in summer, it also sealed the leaks in winter. Win win.

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            1. It’s called Henry’s White Roof Coating. That last house we were in had an un-insulated add-on room at the back of the house, facing the setting sun! It was a sauna back there in the summer. After putting Henry’s on the roof and reflective tinting on the sliding glass doors, and drape on the inside & a drop shade on the outside (yes, ALL of these measures) we enjoyed a significant reduction in temps inside the house.

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    1. Thanks Nature Inspired Mom! It would appear that we’re practically neighbors! We in Southern California have a lot of nature in the winter to get inspiration from. I’m much less inspired in the summer because I’m hunkered down in air conditioning.

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