New River

In late March I visited Arizona for a family event. The town is called “New River”, although I’ve never seen a river out there. So pretty at this time of year.

Below is the view from the home I was visiting. Kind of pretty, huh? It always reminds me of that mountain in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

14 thoughts on “New River

  1. Beautiful photos. The white cacti look like flowers. 🙂 It amazes me to see cacti the size of trees and to think of what it’d be like to ‘garden’ there. All shapes, textures and sizes (like at Huntington) I suppose. Is that an extinct volcano?

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    1. The white cacti in the first photo are cholla, or jumping cactus. Pretty but fierce! And that first photo is “just” an empty field. In fact, it’s all empty fields. The landscaping at my sister’s house is typical — gravel, palo verde trees, an ocotillo and a saguaro cactus. All low/no maintenance. Pretty typical for around there.
      I’m pretty sure those are not extinct volcanoes. At least, I think not, but I could be wrong. All the ones I’ve seen seem to be quite black and have a pronounced cone shape. Their bases are littered with burned black rock fragments.

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    1. Glad you like the view, Sue. It’s way way at the outskirts of Phoenix. There’s next to nothing out there, which leaves room for the desert to be pretty!

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    1. I think the name of the town should probably be Flash Flood instead of New River which I suspect is short for New-River-That-Lasts-About-One-Hour-And-Don’t-Drive-In-The-Gully. Although the latter sounds romantic while the former sounds scary.
      Thanks David!


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