Stunning Show Of Support

Meet a few of the upbeat riders on the light rail heading into downtown Los Angeles for today’s Women’s March. By the time we got off the metro and rode the escalator above ground to reach the start of the march, so many people had arrived before us that we were unable to move for quite some time.

20170121_095137xI was so impressed by the positive attitude.

20170121_105815xI’ve been to my fair share of protests, and this one was extraordinarily polite and friendly and upbeat. The best entertainment was the homemade placards.

20170121_112841xAfter all the negativity following the election, people are clearly buoyed by the sheer immensity of support for one another.



The crowd was estimated by the Los Angeles Police at about 500,00o.

20170121_095646xMy photos don’t come near being able to portray how many people were there.


16 thoughts on “Stunning Show Of Support

    1. Yes it is so very heartening. I read in today’s Guardian newspaper that the organizers of the Washington Women’s March said “this is just the beginning”. Thank God. I’ll be at the next one, and the next and the next. As well as any other “identity politics” march.


  1. I, too, was impressed by the creativity and upbeat placards. I would even go so far as to say the crowd was ‘happy’ … positive energy is stronger than anger (one of my favorite signs was LOVE TRUMPS HATE). Estimates are saying the numbers were 3 MILLION worldwide. An awesome and encouraging start. 🙂

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    1. People were really creative & fun-loving when they marched, as well as when they created their placards. There were a few signs that were too too funny but a bit risqué and which I liked very much, but I didn’t want to risk (risk=risqué) being censored by WordPress!
      Yes, the latest estimates for the LA march is 750,000! Based on what I saw, I believe the LA estimate, but I suspect 3 million worldwide is still a bit low. I am very encouraged that this is a global response.


  2. wonderfully inspirational taking to the streets!
    i read of the huge LA crowds,
    glad you were there to witness!
    it was wonderful to walk among a couple thousand
    in this small mendocino town. fortunate that the march occurred during
    a couple hour break in rainstorms.
    may we continue being resilient,
    peaceful warriors of justice 🙂

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    1. Cold & rainy today, cold & rainy Friday, warm & dry & sunny here all day for the LA march on Saturday. Auspicious.
      Yes our fellow friend & blogger Eliza in Massachusetts also joined a small town march, as you did. I think there were probably hundreds of these. Auspicious.
      Peaceful warriors of justice. Thank you David.


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