20161214_133312bI just returned from a short trip to Arizona, the state where I spent my childhood. I used to play out in the desert, in places much like this.


15 thoughts on “Playground

  1. So…I’m curious about how often you see poisonous insects and snakes in the desert, MK. I have gone walking in the desert a number of times and have never seen any. Lots of lizards though…

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    1. When I was a kid I was playing in the back of an abandoned mine, and came upon a Gila monster – a venomous lizard. My sisters and I caught it in a box and took it home to Mom. She wasn’t pleased. On this recent visit I was staying with my sister and begged to open the window for fresh air. She said she never opens the windows, because scorpions will find a way in. My other Arizona sister has found quite a few scorpions in her home. I did encounter a rattlesnake while in elementary school in AZ. But I’ve come across more of them just miles from my home in Southern California.


      1. Thanks, MK. I assumed that sooner or later a person would see them; the same as non-poisonous ones that we have. I have a grandson who is fascinated by Gila Monsters right now; his mom would have the same reaction bringing one home that yours did. It seems to me that playing in the back of an abandoned mine might be as dangerous as the Gila monster though!

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    1. I would have enjoyed wandering up into the hills for hours, taking pictures, inspecting cacti and rocks. I’d really like to take a week and explore the Arizona desert. It never ceases to amaze me that within 3 miles of crossing the Colorado River from California into Arizona, the landscape changes quite dramatically, and becomes so much more beautiful. For example, the Saguaro Cactus is entirely absent and abruptly becomes abundant. And there are volcanic mountains on the AZ side of the hiway, but not the CA side.


  2. I fell in love with the desert when we camped at the Mojave. Lots of spiky and prickly things to beware of in addition to the more lethal creepy-crawlers your sign reminds us of.


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