Hiding From Birds

14 thoughts on “Hiding From Birds

    1. Yes, these are growing on the side yard, along the fence near the kitchen. They’ve gotten so tall that they’re staked up & out into the back yard. We’re hoping to taste a few before the birds discover them.

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        1. Oooh, I have none in the house! I will try to remember to save those net bags next time we buy produce. We need a GIANT one for the persimmon tree. The squirrels have already started munching over there, and they poor fruit are only now starting to go from green to palest orange. We’re resorting to tossing peanuts on the ground in hopes of distracting the little thieves.


          1. There is a natural product called ‘Repels-All’ that maybe you could spray on the tree trunk (assuming they climb it as opposed to hopping on it from above). Or maybe make a mix of garlic and red pepper to spray on the fruit to allow it to ripen?

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