Cornish Views

dsc_5302(8 photos) My late summer pilgrimage to some of England’s great gardens began in Cornwall. Here are a few views of Cornwall from our base in the pretty town of Fowey. Above is the town of Polruan, and below is an intriguing inlet on the River Fowey. Looks like the perfect hiding place for pirate treasure.


Below is the house of author Daphne Du Maurier.


Below, the River Fowey.


The oldest parts of Fowey town date from before 1300.


The Fowey Parish Church was built in the early 14th century.


Readymoney Cove (below) seems to me to be another perfect pirate place.


Some local cuisine.


13 thoughts on “Cornish Views

    1. Yes, Cindy, Cornwall is really quite beautiful. We visited Wales a few years back, and it’s quite similar and beautiful too, obviously. I did a few posts on it. We found Wales easier to get around than Cornwall–the Welsh seemed more geared to accommodate the needs of tourists, especially those of us who prefer not to risk everyone’s lives by renting a car! 😉


  1. LOVED this post! All your photos are so well composed and what luck to have that man and his Westie next to the cave on the river for scale. 😉
    D d Maurier homestead – just change the river to the sea and you have scenes right out of Rebecca. So glad to get to see some more of your trip!

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    1. Well thanks a whole bunch, Eliza! I’m thrilled that you like this post so much.
      It’s a bit daunting going through all of those photos, so I kinda just didn’t. I’ll get to work on the next batch.

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