WPC: Reflecting

An underground water cistern in Spain. See other fine reflections for this week’s photo challenge here.

14 thoughts on “WPC: Reflecting

    1. Thanks Eliza. You’re right, a lot like California! Now please excuse me, I must go buy that rain barrel I’ve been looking at! Actually, we’ve had a bit of a tiny miracle here. It actually rained several days this month. Unheard of this late into sprint.


        1. The persimmon has little fruits — amazing that they won’t be edible until the fall. Almost as long a gestation as a human! There are baby oranges on both trees, as well as on the grapefruit & pomelo. The lemon just chugs along, giving fruit. We did some heavy trimming on the pomegranate last fall and it’s just chock full of small red fruit. Last year most of them fell off, or split open, so we’ll see how that goes. The peach & plum both have respectable & identifiable little fruits. I’m very excited about the mango–I think we’re going to get some edibles! It is just full of baby fruit. The avocado is positively frightening. I think there are about a thousand potential avocados.
          All of our rain this past winter has really been a magnificent blessing.


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