Becoming America

(8 photos) “Becoming America” is the name of a current exhibit at my favorite museum/botanical garden–the Huntington–which you’ve all seen many times here.

20170222_112844Before reaching the treasures in the galleries, visitors are treated to the gardeners’ art.

huntington-feb-22-eIt’s really quite unusual to see any depiction of African-Americans in American art, so of course I had to capture an image of this painting.

huntington-feb-22-fThis painting of George Washington used to have a place of honor in the mansion/residence, but it just makes sense that George now governs the new American art wing.


huntington-feb-22-hI especially enjoyed the folk art pieces in the “Becoming America”. Decorative arts & folk art are my favorites.


How can you not love this little panel from the quilt shown above?


15 thoughts on “Becoming America

    1. Yes, plants all over the Huntington are in full bloom. It’s the best time of the year in the desert garden, and we didn’t even make it over there.
      And yes, this Becoming America exhibit is just outstanding. I really want to go back and spend at least a half day just revisiting the new wing. It’s fantastic. You gotta get back here!


  1. Great exhibit…great photos too! Thanks for reminding us about the Huntington…one of my favorites, and I need to see the desert garden blooms! You’re right…I never finish looking at everything when there…so much to explore.

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    1. I’m lucky to have the basic membership, so I can take a friend & return as often as I like. As you say, on any visit you only get to see just a fraction of what you intended to visit, let alone the REST of the place! Thanks for your comment & your visit, Karen.

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    1. Thanks Gigi. They have a huge camellia garden and it seems to be in bloom year ’round. (Mine only bloom January-April). The Huntington has 120 acres of garden and there’s always something in bloom. Right now the peak is just beginning for the desert plants.


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