Turning The Corner

Handsome Princeling and beautiful Princess require an adventure every day.

You might think this is a park, but Princeling & Princess know it’s actually Doggie Disneyland.

Rain-bearing clouds in honor of Autumn!

Early September means early walks to avoid the heat.

But even the rattlesnakes were out early.

High heat, gusty winds and brush fires in southern California make the clouds of Autumn feel like a miracle.


11 thoughts on “Turning The Corner

    1. So many choices for doggie adventures and lovely nature walks. Snakes gotta live somewhere, so we don’t complain. Just steer clear.
      Thanks David 🙂


  1. Kisses to those faces! Dog parks are great fun – can they go off leash?
    Love the shot of clouds with cone sticking out, you really get a feel of the scale of the valley to mountains. Glad you got some rain.
    Seeing the burned ridges really shows how much burned. Has fire always been part of the ecology?
    A rattlesnake would scare the heck out of me! I suppose you are used to these things.

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    1. I confess to kissing those furry babies every day ❤ ! The park pictured here isn’t a dog park, so they must stay on leash. There’s an off-leash park nearby but Frieda is aggressive towards other dogs & Rufus is aggressive towards strangers. Fortunately “our” park has few customers until about 9am.
      Seems to me there are at least 5 brush fires every summer, plus forest fires. The brush fire in this photo burned 7,000 acres and obviously jumped the freeway. Last year’s forest fire in San Bernardino National Forest near where we walk the dogs also burned 7,000 acres. Apparently those huge Matilija poppies we see around here require the heat of fires in order to germinate. I don’t know about other plants and their relationship to fires. I guess that the forest needs periodic clearing but I confess ignorance about how this works.
      We’ve encountered enough rattlers that we try to stay vigilant & totally avoid the brush from April – October. When it comes to rattlesnakes I worry more about the dogs. We wear heavy leather hiking boots. I’ve thought of buying snake gaitors. Probably should.


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