How To Protect Your Internet Browsing Data Now That It’s For Sale


If you live in the USA …

Trump poised to sign away privacy protections for internet users [click here to read]

Here’s how to protect your internet browsing data now that it’s for sale  [click here to read]

p.s…. PC Magazine has a handy review of VPN providers if anyone’s interested [click here]

p.p.s….US border agents are doing ‘digital strip searches’. Here’s how to protect yourself  [click here]

7 thoughts on “How To Protect Your Internet Browsing Data Now That It’s For Sale

  1. And don’t forget, it’s not just your browser, it’s any app you use, smart devices, like TVs and game consoles, home security, even microwave ovens, although I don’t know if any microwave yet has a camera and microphone. But I still make sure I’m clothed before I open the door.

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    1. I’ve got electrician’s tape over the camera on my PC. But I can’t do that for my home security system. 😦
      I installed Tor & started using it selectively. PCMagazine has a list of recommended VPN providers. At least I can trust my fridge not to snitch me out.

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  2. I follow someone on Twitter who claims to work inside the White House. Their last tweet said “I’ve never seen the President look anything other than orange. He turned white when the Mike Flynn news came in.” So it’s 1984 for all of us!


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