WPC: Transmogrify

dscn6454b(5 photos)  The theme of this week’s photo challenge is transmogrify: “To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.” An inspiring example is this monster made from waste, which I photographed at The Eden Project in Cornwall, England.

dscn6453aThe purpose of the Eden Project is to demonstrate how humans can engage and transform our relationship with our planet. The site was once a giant scar on the earth resulting from the mining of the clay from which porcelain is made. It is now a wildly popular and commercially successful garden attraction.





31 thoughts on “WPC: Transmogrify

  1. Wow, that sculpture is kind of creepy, the stats are appalling as well. We are such a throwaway society. My brother manages a metal waste treatment/recycling plant. It is an amazing, eye-opening place to tour.

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    1. I find the sculpture inspiring, because it demonstrates how we can re-think our habits, and come up with creative solutions. I wonder if your brother has seen the animated film “The Iron Giant”? It is another inspiring shift in POV on our wasteful habits. One of my favorite little films.

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