It’s Been Hot. I’ve Been Hiding.

DSC_1476-colorA masterpiece in my avocado tree. The spiders seem to be enjoying the nicer weather. (It’s been so very hot here and I’ve been hiding indoors working on personal projects. But the last few days the evening temps are getting lower, so maybe we’ve turned a corner towards autumn?)

The avocado tree’s fruit is done for the season, but the young mango tree is doing very nicely. This is it’s first year in our yard. I have high hopes for this tree, especially since these mangos are only at knee-level.


7 thoughts on “It’s Been Hot. I’ve Been Hiding.

  1. Thank you for getting past your envy, and sending me those cool thoughts. I wonder how long it’ll take them to get from Oregon to Southern California?


    1. I hope the birds will let us have a couple (or all) of these mangoes. So far they’re ignoring them, but they began eating the peaches the moment there was a glimmer of pinkish yellow.
      How interesting that you caught the iridescence of the spider web. I did not! I’m such a left brainiac, that what I saw is the magnificent structure, and not the hues. Now that I take a second look, I like it even better. Thanks Eliza.

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