Over Easy

20160501_094847a(3 photos) We’ve been seeing this fabulous flower on our walks in the San Bernardino National Forest, and we’ve been calling it the fried egg flower. That would be a fried ostrich egg, not a fried chicken egg. These flowers are really huge.

These California natives are Matilija Poppies.  They’re also called the “Queen of California Flowers” according to the California Native Plant Society.

“large white blooms are the size of a saucer … reach 5 to 8 feet tall and spread by underground stems … only found in a few locations in California (I’ve not seen them in Angeles National Forest, just in San Bernardino National Forest) … Seeds will not germinate unless they have experienced the flash heat of wild fire.”


Behind the ranger station where we walk the dogs is a large California native garden. There’s a huge grove of these poppies with thousands of buds. I will return in a few days to see if the blossoms have opened. Can’t wait!


25 thoughts on “Over Easy

    1. Too bad I only had my cell phone – they deserve better. Yes, on the California Native Plant Society website, that’s exactly how they’re described — as if made of white crepe paper.
      Thanks Cher.

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    1. How interesting that it’s called “fried egg flower” there too. Shared cuisine background, huh? I bet it’s every bit as beautiful as these. So cheerful!

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    1. Apparently the blossoms are around only in late spring/early summer, so I am really lucky to see them and have them so close to home. They’re real show-stoppers.


    1. Yes, a really really fresh egg with that bright yellow center. Large enough to share a breakfast! And nearby are the sage-smelling plants. And a grape arbor with itty-bitty grapes. You can see what’s on my mind.

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  1. What a cool find, M! A very large fried egg, indeed. Interesting that it is adapted as a fire flower, so with fire suppression, there probably are fewer of them. I expect that the bees will love all that pollen. 🙂

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    1. We’re so lucky that there are TWO national forests practically in our back yard. This forest, with the Matilija Poppy, is the same forest where I took the photo of the charred tree skeletons a few posts back. You’re right, the bees are blissed out in that garden.

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    1. I’ll be calling the forest ranger station to make sure I don’t miss the bloom. And I’ll bring my good camera and hope for a few clouds. Those blossoms are really really white.

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    1. This is the dogs’ favorite walking spot. After walking the trail we make a couple of passes through the California Native garden and the dogs don’t mind at all.


    1. I think you’d be out here all day, Chris. So much to see, large & small. I keep saying I’m going to return without the dogs so I can give it my full attention. But those sad doggy eyes…

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