WPC: Future Fruit Salad

future mango

(5 photos) “This week, share an image that represents the potential of things to come.” See other visions of the future here.

24 thoughts on “WPC: Future Fruit Salad

    1. Ouch, 28?!!! It’s 58 here with a light rain (hooray). We have the heater on. As soon as the rain lets up I should go outside & harvest our single ripe strawberry, before the birds & bugs get to it.


    1. Thanks David. That little white bug is shaped more like an ant than a spider, don’t you think? I didn’t notice it while I was taking the picture. Now I have to go back out there and see if there are other white bugs eating my future mangos.

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  1. No surprise, but your fruit is further along than ours. Watching the blueberries closely as they’re my favorites and I’ll be going to u-pick for a frozen supply to get me through the winter! 🙂

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    1. Our blueberries and raspberries have no fruit, yet. No fruit on the grapes yet either. So I’m with you – I buy fresh blueberries every week.
      What fruit is in your yard, Gunta?


      1. I only have the blueberries, strawberries and grapes. Not room for trees in my tiny yard. We like the u-pick blueberry farms around here where we know they aren’t sprayed. Last year we picked about 40# and froze them, but they didn’t last the whole winter.

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          1. I am a soul who likes the same thing for breakfast except when traveling. Until I get sick of it and then perhaps years later, I move to something else. For now, it’s oatmeal with lush blueberries for sweetener. Muffins with blueberries are also good. What we do for breakfast until we get a stove and fridge in the house down south. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Eliza! There is so much tiny fruit throughout the yard. It’s fun to watch it progress. I can’t wait for a taste of the mango. The persimmons were so good last year, I’m looking forward to those — they’re the furthest along of all the fruit.

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