San Bernardino National Forest

DSCN5469A(4 photos) I’ve never seen a California Poppy that’s so deeply orange in the center but so yellow-gold at the edges. What a beauty it is.

Today’s small adventure was a visit to the edge of the San Bernardino National Forest — near enough to arrive after breakfast, explore a bit, and be home in time for lunch.




21 thoughts on “San Bernardino National Forest

    1. Now that you mention it Kerfe, I wonder why I didn’t see it too. It’s soooo Georgia O’Keefe.
      I was delighted & intrigued by this poppy. There was a little clump of them, all of this beautiful yellow-gold-transitioning-to-deep-orange, which I’ve never seen before. It’s so cool what you (i) see when you’re (i’m) just out looking.

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    1. You’re the 3rd person who mentioned the super bloom. I would love to see it, and I would especially love to see it in Death Valley. It is a 4 hour drive out there. So if we go & explore & return the same day, it would really require a dog-sitter. They don’t like being left alone, and we had to pay $180 to get them out of doggie jail recently. That being said, a dog-sitter for the day is only $95!
      I will consult the powers that be…

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    1. Bees & bugs & flowers everywhere!!!. That purple one was just a lovely weed, near as I can tell. The other 2 were in a native plant garden on the grounds of the ranger station.

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  1. Lovely neighborhood you have there! I’ve had CA poppies popping up in my yard the last few years (likely volunteers from the neighbors) and they seem to change shades of orange and yellow from time to time. I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t connected to weather, or what?

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    1. I’ve planted California Poppies, and they always come up the same, no variation. And I’ve seen some on the roadside, and they always look like the ones I plant. These looked quite different. (And there was a big sign that said “california poppy”, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t mis-identify.) Perhaps you’re right about the natural variation – I am not knowledgeable about plant things!
      Yes, it’s a lovely neighborhood we have around here. Had I known, I would have moved out of L.A. a lot sooner.


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