Walking The Edge Of The Forest

DSCN5422AB(6 photos) Today we scouted for another dog-walking location, and found this incredibly beautiful place. It’s just inside the edge of the Angeles National Forest, and about 15 minutes from home.

At this point the road is a gentle climb.  DSCN5402A

Monday brought rain and cold weather. A bit of snow remains on the top of the mountain.DSCN5410A

But down here in the gentle walking zone it is warm and spring-like.DSCN5369A



The route is a series of long switchbacks, a very pleasant and easy walk.DSCN5383A

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  1. This is so beautiful MK. A step into nature at it’s best only 15mins from your home! 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I feel as if I’ve discovered buried treasure in my own back yard.
      Thanks Karen.

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  2. Spring there is so pretty – I love the flower/plant macros. So glad you’re finding these hidden treasures so close to home!

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    1. March-April are the prettiest months here. I don’t know what this location will look like in mid-summer, or even early winter before the rains start. We’ll see! I can’t wait to return, it’s that nice.

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