Black Friday Adventure

LACMA fenceToday was the traditional shopping day called “black Friday”.  Instead of shopping, we took off for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We were lucky to find a parking spot with a four hour limit, which is about as much standing that I can enjoy in one afternoon. Not only did we find a parking spot (a minor miracle), but the meter still had nearly three hours remaining. Wooohooo! Above is the fence on the back lawn of the museum. I am always impressed with it. No cross bars, just ten foot upright bars planted deep in the ground. (Most likely in cement, of course. I never think to look.) Just beyond the fence is the museum and the tar pits with their remains of ice age animals.


LACMA jazzWe walked through the courtyard on the way to the cafe. It’s a bit of tradition for us to fortify ourselves before each visit with a bit of outrageously expensive lunch. Today we dined healthy on salad and a shared vegan pizza.  Big mistake. Okay, peas are a vegetable, but they have no place on a pizza. Or maybe it’s just me. But the salad was quite good. Whoever runs this cafe really needs to visit the cafe at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum. Those folks know how to cook. A museum devoted to French artists happen to serve French food. Mmmmm, and no peas to be seen anywhere.


LACMA Japanese pavilionWe decided to visit the museum’s Pavilion for Japanese Art. The translucent fiberglass panels allow gentle filtered light to enter and softly illuminate the collection of painted scrolls and screens.


LACMA Japanese pavilion top floorThe top floor of the pavilion is in the shape of a prow. Up here are displayed the oldest pieces in this particular collection. My personal favorites are the carved wood sculptures. They exude vitality and personality. Another favorite are the cloisonné enamel pieces, in which tiny compartments are created by soldering gold or silver wire onto the metal body of the object. The compartments are filled with enamel powder and then fired to create a glass like surface, which is then polished.

cloissone jar

16 thoughts on “Black Friday Adventure

      1. A wonderful online course at the Bryan Peterson School of Photography. Highly recommend it. They offer great courses with highly-accomplished photographers, including BP himself. Better than some courses I’ve taken at Santa Monica College photography department.

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    1. Just swap those fresh picked peas for Cheetos, and I’m right there gluttoning with you, Gunta!

      Yes, it’s a wonderful museum. We also visited the contemporary art wing, to see an exhibit of art in the Weimar Republic. It was excellent, but grim.


    1. One year I visited the Getty Museum on Christmas Eve. It’s high up on a hill in West Los Angeles, with a stunning view of the ocean and the city. I figured I have all the twinkling lights to myself. So did several hundred other people.

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