My Playground

I’ve done many posts featuring the Arroyo Seco (Spanish for “dry stream”) nature area less than three miles from my house.  This watershed lies in a canyon with very steep sides. In the summer there is just a trickle of water, and it can be baking hot at the bottom of the canyon. But in our winter rainy season there can be quite an exciting rush of deep water, hence the fence (above) separating people from the flood control channel. This is a wonderful refuge.

(Click on the first image to see it full size, then click the right arrow to go to the next photo.)



16 thoughts on “My Playground

    1. The bridge is actually quite beautiful. One of these days I’m going to post some pictures of it from up top. I really love having a nature place so close by.


        1. I find that when I spend a good amount of time in trees — especially redwoods — it is like a retreat. A spa for the soul. There is really nothing better. A vacation to a faraway place does not provide this balm. My little nature oasis is a quick fix.

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    1. It’s a wonderful place. The kid seemed pleased to be shooting arrows, and pleased to have his picture taken. He has three colorful pens in his back pocket. I think it’s part of his get-up.


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