Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign


Autumn in Los Angeles is kind of hard to detect unless you know where to look for the signs!  No trees turning blazing gold and red. Only a modest change in weather. No friendly  community hayrides (unless you think that the theme park ride “LA Haunted Hayride” qualifies). Nope. The sign of autumn is the squawking armadas of migrating parrots on their way to … who knows where … Vacationing in Costa Rica? The Yucatan? Although there are some resident wild parrots year-round, most of my autumn parrot sightings are members of these vast flocks who take a brief rest in my back yard or my neighborhood.

For this challenge, share an image of a sign: it can be a sign near your home — a comforting sight after a long journey — a sign that doubles as art, or other types of signs that hold meaning for you.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sign

  1. What a sight that must be – colorful, squawking parrots in the yard – I’ve heard them in the Yucatan forest and they do make quite a racket! They seem like curious and intelligent birds.


    1. I agree, they certainly do seem curious and intelligent. They make me happy. They’re so gregarious and chatty and exotic. Like having a troupe of Carmen Miranda’s over for cocktails.


  2. Beautiful green photographs! Most vegetation in L.A. is of the desert variety, I’m assuming? The last time I was there, I remember thinking how everything seemed pretty and green considering the drought conditions. I’ll bet everyone would love to see a storm cloud or two!


    1. Thank you Elisa! The parrot shots are “recycled” from earlier posts. I’ve tried getting shots the past couple of weeks, but our bird friends have not been very accommodating.

      I was raised in Arizona, so I wouldn’t regard L.A. landscaping as using desert type plants. I’m seeing more and more yards (lawns) being replaced with drought-tolerant landscaping, though. We converted our yard about 5 years ago. Turf watering is now very restricted. I installed a drip system for my plantings, so no water is lost to evaporation.

      Yes we would love to see rains come. California cattle rancher John over at drycrikjournal.com blogs about the drought. He mentioned that early Californians call winter the season in which it “might” rain. Here’s hoping!


    1. Thanks Melody, glad you enjoyed it! Trying to get into the autumn spirit, hoping that I can somehow encourage the weather to hurry on toward cooler days.


  3. California is a lot like Australian weather! We also have the squawking parrots that demand attention. Great photos MK.


    1. Thanks, Karen. I’ve seen photos of the Australian parrots — and other fabulous birds. Fabulous!

      I’ve heard about the terrible heat across Australia. I hope it’s a bit cooler where you live.


    1. Thanks Sue. I love hearing them party party party!!! I think there’s a large colony of parrots in Monterey Park, but that’s not my stomping ground. There are also a lot of them in the trees around the South Pasadena library, but I’m usually only armed with a library card when I’m there.

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