Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

“For this week’s challenge, share what humanity means to you. Share a single photo or a collage.”  See other great portraits of humanity here.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

  1. I really enjoy street photography. It’s hard to capture a moment, at least for me. This is really good work. I especially like the picture of the street performer: His tattoos, the sun hitting his face directly, his youth — but not so young, and his concentration.


    1. Thanks Steven! I was really impressed by the street performers – they all have so much charisma, and good looks, and talent. Glad you enjoyed them too!


    1. Thanks so much for your visit & generous comment, Karen. I tried to select photographs that reflect my own sense of what humanity is. I’m glad the images place you in these moments. They all touched me, that’s for sure.


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