Above The Rooftops

DSCN0439_edited-1In order to keep my energy/vibration level up, I only had to live in the moment, enjoy every moment of life, and use each moment to elevate the next moment (which then elevates my future).
– Anita Moorjani

4 thoughts on “Above The Rooftops

  1. I love swifts – chittering away as they swoop and glide. I like that your shot reminds me of all the tiled rooftops I saw on my own journeys. Another of our coincidences…your quote – just last night I started reading ‘Dying to Be Me’ by A. Moorjani. 🙂


    1. In this scene I was stuck by all the ways we humans “reach out” – and then there’s the swifts. I think it’s the swifts which made me think of that Anita Moorjani quote. Her experience is a gift to us all, without a doubt. These coincidences – they reinforce what I’ve read in the other books we’ve talked about. Thanks again Eliza.


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