Dress-up, Spanish Style

To see full size pix, just click the first image, then arrow to the right.

I’ve been away for a vacation in Spain.  The biggest surprise? Dressing up is a national pastime.

12 thoughts on “Dress-up, Spanish Style

    1. All the people dressing up were having so much fun, we spectators couldn’t help but have fun too. And they didn’t seem to mind being photographed.


    1. Thanks Susan. Yes, I think my favorite shots were the people shots, not the architecture shots. I am not sure exactly what the deal is, but most often it seemed to be that some troupe of people would agree on a theme, and then dress up, and always take a long a whistle or some other way to attract attention to themselves, and just parade through town. And then there’s the other non-troupe people who are dressed up — this just seemed to be for the love of costume. Quite a surprise.


    1. Glad to be home. Yes, we took it easy and had a relaxing tour. Still sifting through the 4000 pictures – over 500 of which are just of storks! I never saw a real stork before this trip.


      1. Wow- that is a LOT of pics! I remember seeing stork nests on roofs and chimneys in Poland. You can see how that legend of the stork bringing the baby got started in Europe! I hear that in many places they are now protected.


        1. All the storks were tending huge nests with huge babies. I have to study the pictures more closely, but I had the impression that people have installed big metal baskets just for the storks’ use; perhaps this was to lure them away from more delicate ornament areas on the roof? Just a guess.


  1. Looks like you had a most interesting and fun trip. Love these photos, and it was really fun to see several of the fabrics I’d used on Irish Dance costumes some years ago! Glitzy was the way they were going, lol. Great group of photos you’ve shared!!


    1. Thanks Sue! The trip was really interesting, and relaxing. The Spanish person in my mind before the trip didn’t resemble the Spanish people I encountered during my trip. Funny how that works, isn’t it? Sounds like your glitzy Irish dance costumes would be quite an interesting collection to see!


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