Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

This week’s photo challenge is LETTERS.  I like to photograph signs when I travel. I also like to photograph my afternoon beer or margarita, but I’m still waiting for that photo challenge!  See other submissions for this challenge here.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

        1. I am truly blessed and immensely grateful to have traveled so much. My first overseas adventure was hitch-hiking through the UK when I was 20 — I had $200 and I traded my car for a plane ticket, and stayed in Europe for 6 weeks. I cringe now at the chances I took! Just after I met my partner (age 31) we visited a psychic medium. She told me that I would travel … a lot. I said “who, me?” and this seemed to annoy the medium immensely! But in my defense, I said it because I had no money to speak of, and little expectation of enough money to travel. But my new partner launched us on the road to buying our first house. As the years went by it was just the two of us, and we began taking annual trips. Having no children and steadily growing income made it possible, of course. But there was a time when we both had to travel for our jobs, and then it became horrible. That’s behind us, thankfully. Travel now is wonderful. The smells & sights & tastes are all new, as they were when we were kids.


            1. We are leaving on the 13th for Spain, and will return on the 29th. We had a previous trip to Spain — it started and ended in Barcelona. Then I got cranky when it was siesta time and everything closed for hours, and we sat on the steps of the cathedral. Just us and the pidgeons and pidgeon doodoo. We spent the rest of the time in southern France. So there, Spain! Anyway, I’ve slowed down quite a bit, and so I will look forward to a siesta or two.

              Yes, next time we are in MA I really would love to visit you and your space. You’d like my partner – two expert gardners – I will wander all those spare acres of yours.


              1. I will be curious about how Spain has changed for you. I was there in ’80 right after Franco died, so things were changing. I must confess I didn’t enjoy it too much. Although the museums in Madrid were awesome. I remember being pretty cranky there, too. Who wants to eat dinner at 11 pm? I also sprained my ankle badly in Segovia (not good when you are backpacking!) and that was no picnic.


                1. I agree that dinner past bedtime is absurd! But we’re hoping to see lots of art, and get a sense of the influence of Moorish culture in Spain. If I get cranky again, the lovely town of Collioure France is just a train ride away. I’ll start with a good attitude, and see what happens.


    1. Thank you Sue! If only we could figure out a way to generate that “free beer” kind of eyeball traffic for our blogs, huh?


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