DSC_7643_edited-1Kangaroo Paw in my front yard on The Day Of The Rain (27 February).  I was raised in the desert southwest, so you will forgive my fascination with rain.

Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

6 thoughts on “Thirsty

      1. I bought a waterproof camera a couple of years ago, mostly to shoot underwater where it works fine. At some point I thought “Cool, I can take pictures in the rain!”
        Wrong. Raindrops on a camera lens are hard to work around.


        1. When I was leaving for my Costa Rica vacation, I bought a big ugly camera bag thingy with drawstring holes for my hands & another drawstring hole for the lens. Cumbersome, next to impossible to use. Wish I had the money back on that one. I have also tried the camera strap around my neck & holding umbrella in my armpit while trying to get a picture in the rain. None of those came out either. So now I just stand on my porch and admire my good fortune with the rain pouring through the downspouts.


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