Parking Lot Art

IMG_20140112_171104_814_edited_4At the Frye’s parking lot in Burbank, Caifornia

Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

5 thoughts on “Parking Lot Art

    1. Hope he did too! It was awesome. I didn’t manage to capture the silhouette of the fantastic “Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine”. It’s there but not so noticeable. Oh well, the sky was the thing.


      1. Just googled the Portal you mentioned – had no idea, which is embarrassing since my dad worked in the area at Lockheed during WWII. I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of all there is to see and learn about in just our area! Overwhelming.


        1. I’d be interested in your impression of the memorial park. I find it odd, somehow. Like, it would be a great place for a Twilight Zone story. You tell me.


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