The Arroyo

DSC_5925_edited-1Walk further along the Arroyo Seco  (Spanish for “dry gulch”) for just two miles, and you’ll be at the Pasadena Rose Bowl stadium. Me, I prefer the dog-walking & horse-back riding quiet section you see here.   (27 Dec 2013)

6 thoughts on “The Arroyo

    1. It’s a friendly place too – walkers, runners, dog walkers, archers, horseback riders, and the occasional sheriff on horseback to make sure the dogs are leashed so they don’t frighten the horses. And yet, it is a quiet place and very serene. And … just 15 minutes from my house. There was one day that I will never ever forget. I was walking with a friend, and happened to look up. The sky was an extraordinary turquoise blue. Other walkers also just stopped and stared skyward. I’ve never seen such a color before, or since. Miraculous.


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